Wednesday, September 29, 2004

loooong day

First things first: Napoleon Dynamite is really funny. Imagine Rushmore set in rural Idaho, and Max Fischer as less popular, more spastic, and Mormon, and that gives you the general idea of what ND is like. Well worth the price of a ticket.

I went to see the National Injun Museum on Sunday. It looked nice from the outside, I must say. I've read it's pretty amateurish on the inside, but I wouldn't know, because the line to get in was way too long for this impatient young man. There was a stage for scalping dances and tents with beads and shit outside, so Cyborg Squirrel's SSO (Significant Slavic Other) and I milled about out there. That was nice. The most significant thing I have to report is this: there are some fine ladies from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest. Lord have mercy.

Work sucks again.

This is a great idea for a drunken night out. (from gawker) Not being one that normally goes for empty orchestra (karaoke, for those who only sling the Nihongo) no matter what my level of inebriation happens to be, I think I could belt out "Breaking the Law" or "Bomber" or "Angel of Death" or any number of metal classics. Yeah....I'd definitely be down.

Death to False Metal.

from somethingawful