Monday, September 06, 2004

I had just as much fun as anyone else this weekend.

Ah Labor Day. The day without labor. Bless thee.

So, extended weekend recap. Saw Hero on the Day of Freya. I really, really liked it. The story, from what I've read, means a lot more to the native Chinese audience than it does to us foreign devils. It has to do with how China became one country blah blah blah. The action sequences are good in a Crouching Tiger kind of way. The cinematography, however, is fantastic. Would I go so far as to say it was sumptuous? Yes, I believe I would. The cinematography was sumptuous.

The rest of the weekend I basically did fuck all. Well, that isn't quite true. But to fully appreciate what I did do, a little background is in order.

SaintAdam, Hokmayen, and myself are engaged in a full-on, landwar-in-Asia style battle. Yours truly launched the first volley with my Disco At the End of the World mix. Besides being an absolute masterpiece, it's a collection of remixes and mashups of various pop/hiphop favorites. Highlights include mashes of Kelis' "Milkshakes" and L7's "Shit List," Eminem's "Superman" and the Prodigy's "Firestarter," and Eazy E's "Sippin' on a 40" and the Clash's "Lover's Rock."

Now that the fray has been joined, the Saint and Hokmayen are preparing their counterattacks. Their efforts will pale in comparison to my initial onslaught, but they will look very cute while they're trying. Nonetheless, I must be prepared to distribute the decisive blow that will once and for all cement my authority as Master of All I Survey.

In that spirit, I spent more time than is probably healthy combing the nooks and crannies of the internet, finding the rounds to fill my figurative clip. In the course of so doing, I found the best mashup ever created. Hokmayen and the Saint (along with any innocent bystanders) will shit themselves whilst having epileptic seizures when they hear it. If only I could be there to witness it in person.

See, I had just as much fun as any of you who attended some "tequila night" in buttfuck, arkansas. Much fun just as had I.