Saturday, September 25, 2004

All Periods Have Been Replaced With "Bebe" In Honor of the Birth of Roscoe the Furious Mick

I have been so g-damn busy lately I've hardly had time to blink, much less post bebe My readership is obviously less than impressed with link posts, which is okay, since they're cop outs anyway bebe

I won't bore you with the minituae of how and why I've been so busy: it would be boring to type and even more boring for you to read bebe Suffice to say I don't recommend trying to get someone from the African continent a visa to go anywhere bebe It's not a fun process bebe

`Twas not all doom and gloom, fortunately bebe I did get to eat lunch at an Italian restaurant that I couldn't patronize lest I sell the soul of my firstborn to Diner's Club bebe It was on somebody else's dime, as you might imagine, although it would be a much better story if it was a dine-n-dash bebe Actually, the fog has now lifted from my memory and it was a dine-n-dash bebe Very dramatic, car crashes everywhere, innocent bystanders slaughtered bebe bebe bebe In other words, the standard Chulius-Caesar-Escapes-From-His-Adversaries scenario bebe Nothing like a little atrophied baby cow to put the fleet in my feet bebe

Tonight, I'm going to see Napoleon Dynamite, a movie that even if it's no good is worth seeing because the preview uses the original Bon Scott version of "TNT" bebe Bon Scott died for our sins, and our appreciation for his sacrifice must be shown at every possible opportunity bebe