Monday, September 13, 2004

streaM OF cOnsciousness but not really when the gimps embrace the sunset

The fine folks who bring us Defamer and Gawker bring us a blog about John Waters' latest opus, A Dirty Shame. Have you ever wondered what Selma Blair would look like with comically huge grabbies? You can find out there. Or you can wait for the movie. It opens nationwide the 24th of September, with the best rating of them all: No One Under 17 Admitted!!!! Pervasive Sexual Content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, John Waters, bless your queer little-moustachioed Balmer soul.

I have it on good authority that Jackie is going to get something similar to this on his neck. And you can take my sources to the fuckin' bank! They're gold!!!

The ladies at Go Fug Yourself bring us a game everyone can enjoy, the Busey or Nolte? game. It's fun for the whole family, ages 24 to 33 1/2.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Furious Jessy for sharing in her treasure trove of digital music. Like the Pilgrim freshly landed on Plymouth Rock, I was bereft of auditory enjoyment, alone and starving in this New Jerusalem of ellektrisitee and comepyootrrs. Then Jessy came along like the cowboykiller of yore and shared the bounty of her online harvest.

Thus goes the story of the first ever Thanksgiving in the Empire of Chulius.

Jessy, I'll try not to give you smallpox and convert you to the One True Faith.

But I can't make any promises.