Thursday, September 09, 2004

Happy Little Trees....And, Ooh, Look, There's a Happy Little Cloud

During my daily meanderings around the innernet, I managed to come across an interesting and well put together blog on a topic that has captured my interest from time to time, and it's not porn. "Quelle surprise!" you say. I know, it surprised me too.

The site in question is worldchanging (by way of futurismic), a blog about ecological and progressive matters. Some articles I particularly enjoyed include one on how open source software can help developing nations leapfrog from dependence on the primary production of resources into societies independent from the pre-existing developed world proprietary information regime and another on how advocacy networks could replace the non-governmental organization with a more effective method of agitating for change.

The article that most captured my imagination, for reasons I don't think I can entirely explain, is about the various ways vitality and other nice things can return to the rural windswept areas of America (and, one would assume, the rural windswept areas of other countries as well).

In my more wistful moments, I think about how it wouldn't be so bad to get away from it all, move to one of the more remote parts of our great land, go off the grid in some ways, and grow wouldn't be bad at all if I could download pictures of the nekkid ladies at broadband internet speeds and shoot at shit.

Then the reverie will end, and the realization takes hold... the realization that were I actually to follow through with this little plan, I would become that most hated of woodland creatures: the dirty, dirty hippie. No one likes dirty hippies. That's why dirty-hippie-hunting season lasts all year long, like crow-hunting season.

Still, I'm all about decentralization and anarchy and all that fun stuff. My dislike of The Man is well known, and if these things come to pass, a smile will appear on my hippie-hating lips.