Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bow to your sensei BOW TO YOUR SENSEI

I thought I was going to be out having a cold one or two with Cyborgsquirrel right now. Apparently, I thought wrong. That's alright though. I'm still going to help him comply with the court order he received that requires him to post this picture as many places as is humanly possible. Said court order was prompted by the conflagration of a shortbus, a secluded park, and a "bathing suit area." I'll let you paint your own picture.

The government of my fine city says I owe them several hundred dollars. Naturally, the DC bureaucracy, gold standard of efficiency and paragon of precision that it is, is absolutely fucking wrong. And I have the cleared checks to prove it. Repeated calls to the examiner assigned to my case: unanswered. Repeated calls to the examiner's supervisor: unanswered. This year's tax refund: applied towards the money that I don't owe. No wonder everyone moves to Virginia. At least there you can pack twice the heat when you go to the Office of Tax and Revenue to discuss your case.

This picture of FJ has been driving me absolutely fucking insane. I know, I KNOW that she looks exactly like a specific actress or model or subject of a painting or curiously shaped rock formation or something that I have seen sometime in my life. I just cannot for the life of me figure out who/what it is I'm thinking of. My initial response, that it was somehow related to film classic The Ice Pirates, turned out to be inaccurate. Although to answer FJ's question, Robert Ulrich was not the only A-lister in the film: Anjelica Huston also made a major contribution. But you don't look like her either.

How about some music? You like music, don't you? Thought so. This song has been in heavy rotation in the Chulius' juke. This one's damn good too. One of them's a bit dirty, but it's still nothing compared to this. All links ripped straight from webjay, just so you know.

That's it for me, I guess. Before I leave, I want to make sure you remember: shortbus + park + bad touch = cyborgsquirrel.