Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Without further ado...

That's right, me droogies, Our Imperial Majesty has returned. Fresh from holiday feasting and rocking out with the homeez. The Fourth Annual PBall, the "Gods and Goddesseses" bacchanal, while not necessarily a resounding success, was still quite a good time.


You say you want proof?

Well then, proof you shall have.

(Keeping in mind that the streets will run with the blood of the unbelievers.)

Odin (aka Shovelhead)

Mme Marie Laveau (the ignorant should look her up)(aka Non-Scarlett GF)

Dionysus (bartender of the gods)(aka St. Adam)

Ganymede (aka BigZach Attackh) suckling at the teat of Ares (aka Dark Wombat) as Odin looks on with lust in his eyes... errr... eye

Loki (aka Jackie the Mick)

Jehovah (aka Hokmayen)

Your humble narrator Chulius Caesar Imperator as Pan

And finally, the piece de resistance, the crowning glory, she who took the "rock out with your cock out" title that night, Furious Jessy as Hel:

It looks like she went Hannibal Lector on a clown.

And that is fucking awesome.


The above picture is not an accurate representation of how FJ's night started. This is how she started the evening:

Pretty foxy, no? That was before she started saying things like "Where the slutzes cuz I wanna gidinna FIGHT!!!"

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