Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cover your balls, `cause We know kung fu

Hello hello, one and all. Things have been a bit busy for me the past week and a half or so. I'm actually getting to carry some water around the workplace, which is interesting. Maybe one day I'll even get a cost-of-living increase to my paycheck. Who knows? We can dream.

Big happy fun time news: I went to the first MLB game played in DC in 34 years. One of the veeps where I work was kind enough to share one of his season tickets. It was quite a good game, the hometeam won 5-3, and with their win tonight remain uncontested #1 in the National Leage-East. Cheerio and all that.

Here's what the game looked like from where I was sitting:

Not bad, eh? First row of the deck, directly behind home plate.

The Prez-o-dent threw out the ceremonial first pitch. A fair number of those in the bleachers were booing, the guy behind me especially. From where I was sitting I could see the presidential box, and who should be observing our national pasttime but one of the filiae casae blancae. Yes, ladies and gents, Jenna. She did no butt-dancing as far as I could see, but I must admit, I'd poke `er. You know you would too.

I hope you remember kids: This is what Cyborg Squirrel looks like.

And Czech girls love sausage.

Last but not least: I am going to hell for linking to this. And you're all coming with me.

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