Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am now officially a grad school dropout.

I've lived in DC for six years. I've had two internships and two real jobs. I'm halfway through a masters program at Georgetown University.

Naturally, I've changed quite a bit since I first arrived, wet behind the ears and right out of college, naive to the cruel ways of the real world. I'm older, heavier, even more cynical than I was before, been married to the same woman in two ceremonies on as many continents, made new friends and lost touch with old ones.

Things I've learned:
-The political class of this country consists of two kinds of people: those who read Orwell's 1984 and thought to themselves, "You know, that Newspeak's not a bad idea," and those who rail against the first group and are listened to by practically no one.
-I hate, HATE, being told what to do and how to do it.
-What to look for when you're interviewing someone.
-I perform best when doing a multitude of things during the day, not doing one thing all the time.
-A Chulius without a creative outlet is an unpleasant Chulius.
-Working full time and going to school at night part time sucks ass.
-Republicans love to cruise public restrooms for dick.

After much careful thought, I've decided that my future is going to take me away from here at some point in the relatively near future. Money need be saved, stock taken, and then it's off to do my own (as yet, undecided) thing before I dig myself deeper into student loan debt for a degree I don't want and really can't imagine myself using.

So, adios, G'town. I can't really say it's been fun.