Thursday, October 20, 2005

Back after a long hiatus

L8r Sk8r
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So, now I'm married. NonScarlett GF is now officially NonScarlett Wife. It was a really nice ceremony, family and friends were in abundance, the food looked pretty good. There's so much to report, I hardly know where to start.

Jackie the Mick fulfilled his duties as best man with aplomb. Aplomb I say. If ever you're in need of someone to throw you a batchelor party, I can certainly recommend you ask him to be your best man.

Alas, there has been and likely will not be any honeymoon, at least for the foreseeable future. Back to work and school for me, and the missus has to play Suzie Homemaker until the federal government decides it's okay for her to work.

There will be another post in the near future, with further details once they return to my scattered little brain.

Oh, we also got a BIG ASS TV. And you didn't.